Vacation on my mind

White Culotte Jumpsuit Straw Hat Summer Outfit Idea


Todd and I have officially booked our trip to the Bahamas. Cue the happy dance. Also, where is my celebratory drink? I feel like this moment deserves one…or two! Having a real pinch me moment.

I’ve never been outside of the US other than Mexico (embarrassing), and I’ve always wanted to go on a tropical vacation. The Bahamas will be a dream come true. A full week’s getaway with handsome. We’re hoping to swim with the pigs, hang out with some nurse sharks, and fully adjust to island life. It’s too bad I have to wait until August for things to kick off- inhumane.


Until then, I have shopping to curb my appetite. I will submerge myself into a world of bathing suits, cover-ups, rompers and maxi dresses for the next three months. I need the perfect wardrobe to compliment the trip (duh), and doing research and being selective is key. Speaking of suits, I’m having the hardest time finding one that I love this season and it’s May…WTF. I’ve looked at several Aussie swim brands because their styling is so on point (srsly, the only brands I seem to like at the moment), but the price tags are steep and I don’t even want to think about shipping costs and the time it would take to get here. Ew. What’s a girl to do?

So if you have any recommendations send them my way. I’ve got time to peruse.

And on the topic of this Bahamian getaway, I swear it’s already influencing my current wears- reference above and below Instagram images. Already hinting towards my future.

Light Pink Bow Front Top

Ok, I’m done throwing this trip in everyone’s face and I’ll try my best to keep it to a minimum until then. Also, I need sign off so I can get to the gym immediately for obvious reasons.

Talk soon xx

White bow front culotte jumpsuit