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Finally Friday! Tomorrow I get to pick up handsome from the airport. Sweet Jesus. He’s been in Florida for a week and the past seven days have been painfully long. Missing him terribly.

leads me to my weekend plans…

annoying the shit out of him! I’ll be hanging alllllll over him alllllll weekend. I have lost time to make up for, people! Can’t wait.

what will y’all be up to? Hopefully something just as satisfying. 

Silk Lilac Blouse Blue Jeans Mini Fabric Crossbody Bag | Updated Basics Dallastyleblog.com

Moving right along. This girl loves her basics.

Shocking I know. Considering oftentimes you can find me galavanting around wearing shit like a pinata top or a tutu on roids. But nonetheless it’s true- basics are key. 

Silk Asymmetic Top in Lilac| Updated Basics Dallastyleblog.comEmbroidered Denim Jeans

And every now and then it doesn’t hurt for the basics to have some added flavor. bringing you exactly that for today’s look- a silk button up with an off the shoulder twist and jeans with a touch of stitching. Little details like these add up to make for an interesting and eye-catching outfit. Clearly a favorite of mine too lol.

Best of both worlds?


Anyways. Hate to be so short and sweet, but I’m off to get a little sweat shesh in before the madness of the day begins. 

Enjoy your weekend and meet you back here next week xx

Asymmetric Top Embroidered Blue Jeans Heels | Updated Basics Dallastyleblog.com

2 thoughts on “Updated basics

    1. Thank you, Lea! Not typically one to gravitate toward a lilac top but this one was too cool to pass up. Happy Friday XX

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