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Floral Bomber Jacket, c/o | Top, sold out | Jeans |Heels, sold out 

Ready for round three? I’ve already showcased two bomber jackets prior to this look (found here and here) and now were moving on to the big kahuna; the embroidered floral bomber jacket. The previous two were a bit more subtle, both being in solids. Here I decided to go for something a little more overstated.

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A day in Denton, TX

A day in Denton, TX | Dallastyle Blog

Hypnotic Donuts downtown | SunniesA day in Denton, TX | Dallastyle Blog

940’s kitchen & cocktails – order the black bean hummus!A day in Denton, TX | Dallastyle BlogShorts | Top | Sandals | Red Sunglasses A day in Denton, TX | Dallastyle Blog A day in Denton, TX | Dallastyle Blog A day in Denton, TX | Dallastyle Blog A day in Denton, TX | Dallastyle Blog

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A day in Denton, TX | Dallastyle Blog

Any Dallas DSB readers heard of Texas Tulips? If not, let me quickly fill you in on this local gem…Texas Tulips is a stunning tulip field up in Pilot Point- about an hour or so outside of the city. The moment Natalie and I caught wind of the tulip farm (you can pick your own bouquet of tulips for purchase!), we knew we had to make the quick trip North. I highly recommend a visit if you are in the area, but more on that topic next week!

Instead of just visiting the field and heading back shortly thereafter, we decided to make a day out of our mini road trip and head to Denton first. I used to live in Denton, but boy has a lot changed since I was there for school. We spent our afternoon perusing some of the local shops, restaurants, and bars surrounding The Square (downtown Denton). The weather was perfect for a day of exploring- 70 and sunny. Anyways, I just wanted to share a quick photo diary of our day with you all. Here’s to hoping I have another fun weekend filled with great weather and aimless wandering  Xx

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