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Blue Culotte Jumpsuit

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I honestly can’t say enough good things about this jumpsuit. From the color, to the material, to the cut…per-fec-tion. I was invited to attend a friend’s wedding this past weekend and wasn’t in the mood for wearing a dress. Does anyone else ever feel that way? I just wanted to feel a little more casual and relaxed. Thinking maybe it’s just my current mindset heading into the summer season.

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DSB to #rSthecon

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I never thought I’d be so excited for a Thursday to arrive! What makes this Thursday so special? Today kicks off the first day of #rStheCon and I was invited to attend! Say what? I’m still in shock too. This is my first year to be invited and I am thrilled beyond measure.

For those of you who don’t know, #rStheCon is a weekend-long conference (in downtown Dallas at the Joule) for reward style’s top two hundred digital publishers. Trust me, I’m definitely not one of their top two hundred publishers, so I’m not quite sure how I was invited but you know, I definitely won’t question it. This weekend will be filled with parties, brand meetings, expert panels, classroom sessions, group discussions and loads and loads of fashion. Someone pinch me! I can’t wait to soak in every minute of it.

Below I have linked my options to wear to this weekend’s festivities! Clearly I have room to narrow so be sure to keep up with me on Instagram to find out what I end up wearing! See you all back here next week for a recap of my weekend Xx

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