Khaki Wide Leg Jumpsuit

Wide Leg Jumpsuit with Ruffle Detailing
I wasn’t kidding when I said one and done pieces are my go-to pieces during the summer.

The mood this time of year is care-free, and that’s exactly how I want my outfits to be.

Also, having these no-brainer outfits on deck really help with the whiplash from the never-ending, last minute invites to baby showers, graduation parties, birthday’s, and bbq’s. Anyone else in this position? Grabbing one item to create an entire outfit for these eleventh-hour requests really takes the stress level down a few notches.

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Vacation on my mind

White Culotte Jumpsuit Straw Hat Summer Outfit Idea


Todd and I have officially booked our trip to the Bahamas. Cue the happy dance. Also, where is my celebratory drink? I feel like this moment deserves one…or two! Having a real pinch me moment.

I’ve never been outside of the US other than Mexico (embarrassing), and I’ve always wanted to go on a tropical vacation. The Bahamas will be a dream come true. A full week’s getaway with handsome. We’re hoping to swim with the pigs, hang out with some nurse sharks, and fully adjust to island life. It’s too bad I have to wait until August for things to kick off- inhumane.


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How to Wear: Pajama Trend

The Pajama Trend


Asos pajama jumpsuit | Marks & Spencer camel coat c/o, similar | Public Desire Perspex Boots c/o | Bauble bar initial bar necklace | Diamond shape choker necklace  | Aviators c/o

I know you just asked yourself: “are people really wearing pajamas as clothes?”. The answer: abso-fucking-lutely. I think the pajama trend is the obvious evolution of the athleisure movement. Our asses just keep getting lazier and lazier when it comes to our wardrobes and no longer will a sports bra, slouchy sweater, legging combo suffice. “pajamas” have now become the answer. I put the word “pajamas” in quotation marks because these are not the jammies you wear to bed. Surprisingly enough, these are being sold in women’s apparel department’s rather than sleep and lounge.

Although it seems bizarre to wear this look in broad daylight, I think it’s a trend worth attempting if your slightly inclined to try. Why? It’s obviously comfortable as hell and also, it actually looks v cool if pulled off properly. In case you are bold enough to take a stab at it, I have listed several quick-hitting tips for you below.

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Chic Holiday Party Attire



Holy shit! How is it mid-November? Is 2017 really around the corner? Yikes. The holiday season is officially upon us. This past weekend kicked off the party onslaught for me, starting with friendsgiving. This point on is a snowball effect. I’m positive you are in the same boat. No? Well, in case you’re like me and every other female, I’m sure you are in dire need of some party outfits and quick.

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