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White Culotte Jumpsuit Straw Hat Summer Outfit Idea


Todd and I have officially booked our trip to the Bahamas. Cue the happy dance. Also, where is my celebratory drink? I feel like this moment deserves one…or two! Having a real pinch me moment.

I’ve never been outside of the US other than Mexico (embarrassing), and I’ve always wanted to go on a tropical vacation. The Bahamas will be a dream come true. A full week’s getaway with handsome. We’re hoping to swim with the pigs, hang out with some nurse sharks, and fully adjust to island life. It’s too bad I have to wait until August for things to kick off- inhumane.


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Blue Tibi Jumpsuit

Blue Culotte Jumpsuit

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I honestly can’t say enough good things about this jumpsuit. From the color, to the material, to the cut…per-fec-tion. I was invited to attend a friend’s wedding this past weekend and wasn’t in the mood for wearing a dress. Does anyone else ever feel that way? I just wanted to feel a little more casual and relaxed. Thinking maybe it’s just my current mindset heading into the summer season.

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White Culotte Jumpsuit

White Culotte Jumpsuit | Dallastyle Blog | Dallastyleblog.comThe culotte jumpsuit strikes again! Only this time in white and with a touch of crochet detailing. A little more spring, a little less girls night out. The silhouette of the culotte is amazingly slimming. I can’t help but gravitate towards this trending piece for that reason. A cinched waist paired with a billowy bottom is a recipe for a flattering shape. I especially love that this jumper from Devlin can be dressed up or down. Throw on some gladiator sandals and a floppy hat, and you are ready for your beach vacation. TTYL.

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