Favorite 90’s Fashion Revival: The Track Pant

Faux Fur Slides Black Satin Track Pants

Oh wow. It’s Thursday and I still can’t get out of this fog.

I don’t know what it is, but this week I’ve felt uncommonly sluggish and I just can’t seem to shake it. I apologize in advance if this post is a little lackluster. Exercise and getting outside doesn’t seem to work either, so I just dove into some chocolate ice cream instead lol. Hoping for a sugar high. Any energy will do at this point. We shall see.


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Two-tone Metallic Skirt



Happy Halloween! Overindulge in some candy? I may or may not be on a sugar high at the moment. Why does everyone at my office feel the need to bring an absurd amount of candy to work on this day? I suppose they don’t want to be trapped in their homes with their kids bouncing off the walls. Whatever.

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Longline Pajama Blazer

Pajama TopShop the look

Not going to lie. I feel like I could really kick some ass in this ensemble. Less the heels of course. It may be best to substitute those with a fresh pair of Nike’s. These would do the trick. Oh yes, most definitely. Boxing gloves? Those seem fitting for the look too. Let’s go ahead and throw those in there while we are at it, shall we? Only kidding…kind of. Moving along! Have any of you taken a stab at the pajama trend?

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Black and White Stripe Culottes

Dallas Fashion Blogger

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FOR THE LOVE OF CULOTTES! Have you bought a pair yet? I’ve warned you about this trending silhouette before both here and here. Culottes are sticking around through summer and you should be thanking whoever started the movement. I can’t stress enough how flattering they are. On all shapes and sizes too.

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Boohoo’s Best Dressed

Street Style Fashion Blogger | Dallastyle Blog Street Style Fashion Blogger | Dallastyle Blog Street Style Fashion Blogger | Dallastyle BlogStreet Style Fashion Blogger | Dallastyle BlogStreet Style Fashion Blogger | Dallastyle Blog Street Style Fashion Blogger | Dallastyle Blog Street Style Fashion Blogger | Dallastyle Blog

Blazer c/o | Pants c/o| Crop Top| Heels

Today I’m partnering with Boohoo Official to bring you my best Grammy’s style! Next Monday, 2/15, marks the 58th annual Grammy awards. I always look forward to watching this particular award show because the outfits are the most daring out of all of them. For this Grammy’s inspired look I decided to channel my inner Kendall Jenner/Gigi Hadid. These supermodels are at the top of their style game, when walking the red carpets, thanks to stylist Monica Rose. The two always look polished and sleek with their minimal, yet statement worthy ensembles. I thought this edgy and vibrant two-piece suit would be something the girls would gravitate towards. What do you think? Did I do the supermodels Grammy justice?!

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