How to shop opening price point retailers

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Listen. Throughout college I worked at all of the best opening price point retailers- think Forever 21, DSW, H&M. Weekend drinks were typically paid for thanks to the aggressive  “frat daddy’s” at the bars, but mama still had to pay for her weekend wardrobe somehow. Therefore, clocking hours at the local mall was a must. Not only did I get a sweet discount on my bodycon dresses (a whopping 10%, why fucking bother?), but I was also able to shop the new receipts first. A college girl’s dream come true. Anyways, I desperately needed my $40 paycheck to go far and I kept getting frustrated at the fact that I was ultimately throwing my money away on these “bargain” products. I mean, raise your hand if you’ve bought something at one of these places to only have it last one or two wears? True defeat. Fortunately, after some time, I learned to shop smart and I was no longer getting burned on my stacks of paper (albeit minuscule). 

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