Topshop Wrap Dress

Bold Stripe Wrap Dress

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Hello, party people! I wore this wrap dress by Topshop for a date night the other weekend. Suffice it to say, she was a big hit among both parties. I applauded her for her ability to keep me cool in this miserable heat, while still being able to make me look like a total class act (I am far from it). And he was appreciative of the two plunges the dress had to offer as well as the occasional peek-a-boo leg in front. Cheers for wins on both teams! Talk to you soon Xx

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Black and White Stripe Culottes

Dallas Fashion Blogger

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FOR THE LOVE OF CULOTTES! Have you bought a pair yet? I’ve warned you about this trending silhouette before both here and here. Culottes are sticking around through summer and you should be thanking whoever started the movement. I can’t stress enough how flattering they are. On all shapes and sizes too.

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White Embroidered Mini Dress

White Embroidered Mini Dress | Dallastyle Blog |

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Happy day! You all may begin to notice a bit of a shift in my posts and outfits here in the near future. I think it will be a welcome change to go along with my recent blog facelift. PS how do you like it? I’d love to hear your thoughts on the update. Still hoping to develop a new logo sometime soon…

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Bow Back Blouse

Bow Back Blouse | Dallastyle Blog |

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Drama, drama, drama. Usually, I abhor drama, but this bow back blouse is full of it and I am in love. From the extreme shape in sleeves to the unexpected oversized bow in back, this blue piece definitely causes a scene. Of course I’m willing to accept theatrics so long as it is confined to fashion. I mean, remember this skirt? How could we so soon forget?

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Red Culotte Jumpsuit

Culotte Jumpsuit | Dallastyle Blog Culotte Jumpsuit | Dallastyle Blog Culotte Jumpsuit | Dallastyle Blog Culotte Jumpsuit | Dallastyle Blog

Jumpsuit | Heels, similar | Necklace | Ring

I’ll admit I was a bit hesitant to try the culotte trend. When I first saw the silhouette I was immediately reminded of parachute pants, and we all know how unflattering those are. But after repeatedly seeing the pants on some of the biggest street style mavens (here, here, here), I figured it was time to try my hand at them.

You guys, I decided to go big or go home with this one. I not only tried the trend, but I tried it in the form of a red jumpsuit. Even more so, I ordered the piece to wear to a party hosted by the Nordstrom team and it was to arrive the day before the event! Talk about rolling the dice. Luckily, the fashion gods had my back; she wore beautifully! I have linked some of my favorite culottes below in case any of you are thinking about trying the trend! Thank you so much for stopping by!

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