Some unsung beauty heroes

Skin RX Lab MadeCera Cream

Hello, hello!

Today’s post is all about beauty.

Specifically, recent discoveries that have become permanent fixtures in my beauty routine. They are too good not to share. You should know by now that I’m not the biggest beauty geek, so when I dedicate a whole post to several products, you better believe they’re good.

And honestly, they are so good that I’m almost mad it took so long to find these life-savers. Better late than never I suppose.

Why do I consider them unsung? I know I’ve never heard anyone sing their praises. I figure they could use some recognition, they definitely deserve it.


Unsung beauty heroes

  • Hask Keratin hair masks– my hair is so damaged. It is dry, brittle, and limp and frankly, it breaks my heart. I’ve tried countless products to help breathe life back into these locks and nothing seemed to work. That is until a few weeks ago. After some desperate google searching I stumbled across a blog post raving about these keratin hair masks. I went to the store that day to snag a handful. Low and behold, it did the trick. Now, I’m not saying I’m back to pristine, virgin hair- but it has improved significantly. I can run my fingers through my hair without them getting caught, I have bounce back in my curls, and I can tell breakage is slowing down. Truthfully, I think the brand is cheating themselves by selling these packages for under a dollar- I’d pay thirty. Don’t tell them.
  • SkinRx Lab MadeCera cream– I received this product as a PR gift and it was initially going to be a placeholder until I could get to the store to restock my then current moisturizer. After just one application I knew it was over for Aveeno (sorry, guys). I wish I could properly verbalize why I love this moisturizer so much, but I don’t think anything I could say would do it justice. In a nutshell, it’s perfect. It hydrates your skin without looking greasy or feeling heavy, heals hyper-pigmentation and discoloration, and is practically odorless. It’s just the best. Did I mention the packaging? So good. So, so good. If ever you should have the opportunity to sample it- do it. I promise it’s worth the $36 price tag. I can’t believe I just said that about a moisturizer…
  • Mineral ORG mineral face peel– OK, this is one of the coolest products I have come across in a while. Basically, an at home face peel. Spray it on your face, rub it in, and you see and feel the dead top layer of skin roll right off. Gross, I know. Basically, it gently removes dead skin cells and deeply embedded makeup and dirt from your skin and pores. Rinse the old layer away and it’s like you have a brand new layer of skin.
  • Benefit Boutiques– I went to a local boutique for the very first time the other month and I’m obsessed. I went for eyebrow threading and lash tinting. The services I received were amazinggg for the reasonable price points. I also loved the adorable interior- the wallpaper is my favorite. I will definitely be heading back for my future maintenance needs. If you’re in the Dallas area- head to the Plaza at Preston Center location.

Have ya’ll tried any of these products or services?

I really need SkinRx Lab to come out with additional products. That shit is good. If there are any other beauty heroes you think I just HAVE to try, let me know! I’m always down to experiment with new products.

Talk soon, friends.