Easter weekend deals & my favorite jewels

Delicate Gold Chokers

Happy Easter weekend, my friends!

I hope you are just as lucky as I am and have the day off for Good Friday. And just in case you aren’t, I still have good news for you- lots of sales going on today and this weekend. So put your waste of a day at the office to good use and shop while you get paid. Just be discreet about it, ok?


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Warm weather favorites

Bodysuit denim skirt lace up heels | dallastyleblog.com

I know playing favorites isn’t kosher, but lets! Bodysuits, denim skirts, and lace-up sandals are my warm weather darlings. Reliable, versatile, and on-trend. I gravitate towards any variation of these three when the temps start to balloon. In case your in the market for any one of these items, I’ve linked a multitude of my favorites for you below.

Happy, happy hump day.


Bodysuit c/o | Gold chokers c/o | Denim skirt, similar | Reflective aviators c/o

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Spring outfit idea: dress over jeans

Red floral dress with ruffle off the shoulder detail | Dallastyleblog.com

Spring is one of the best seasons for creative layering. Wearing a dress over jeans is a favorite combination of mine for a stylish and functional way to look season appropriate. It’s quirky, fun and different. What’s not to love? Thinking of creating this combination yourself? Let’s run through a few quick tips to pulling off the look.


Dress c/o | Jeans c/o (now on sale!) | Chokers c/o | Aviators c/o

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Gingham: It Print for Spring

Gingham pieces to shop | dallastyleblog.com

Gingham: the timeless print that’s getting a downtown makeover for Spring. The preppy throwback is currently dominating fashion, and I am no exemption from its crusade. This time around, the classic checkered pattern is being produced in fresh and unexpected ways- crop tops, ballerina flats, tiered skirts, swimsuits, and more. I think the refashioning is a lovely departure from the conventional gingham summer dress.

What are your thoughts on the new approach to the time-honored print? I’ve linked some of my top gingham picks for you below.

Enjoy your weekend, kiddies!



Vitamins for hair, skin, and nail health

Vitamins for hair, skin, and nail health | dallastyleblog.com

Let’s do something a little different today. Let’s talk vitamins. Specifically, those that aid in hair, skin, and nail health- areas I’ve been looking to improve upon. I’ve become one of those people who over scrutinizes every little thing- only regarding myself of course (ya right). I suppose the bad habit has materialized after being in front of the camera for so long. Can I be faulted for this one? Don’t think so.

Anyways, instead of sitting on my ass, folding my arms, and pouting about my frivolous “shortcomings”, I decided to take action. After some online research and conversations with those in the relative industries, I decided to add the vitamins below to my everyday morning routine. A quick, easy, and inexpensive solution for my so-called problems. Let’s run through it.


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