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Clarins Hydra Essential Duo


Clarins hydra essentiel cream Clarins hydra essentiel bi-phase serum

I work hard. I work really hard. If you don’t already know, I have a full-time job, I take photos for dallas bloggers on the side and I run this blog on top of the two. These three jobs, of course, are in addition to my never-ending everyday tasks and responsibilities – managing the household, taking care of my dog, going to the gym, maintaining a social life, etc. I constantly have a mile long to-do list and my brain never seems to shut off. It truly is a wonder that I don’t get sick more often.

I think the one thing that saves me from crashing and burning is my “me” time. “me” time is when I set aside a hour or two during the week to self-indulge. It’s when i deliberately shut myself off from the world to enjoy some alone time. No phone, no emails, no texts, no work. If you are anything like me and are constantly running yourself into the ground, I thought it’d be helpful to share my “me” time nighttime routine…You may need to refer back to it one of these days.

So here is what I’m up to on a typical “me” night:

1. Enjoying a cocktail

Duh. Nothing helps me unwind better than a cocktail. Don’t lie, I know a good drink does the same for you. Truthfully, I’m not picky when it comes to my drink on “me” nights. It can range from champagne to a moscow mule, or even a large glass of wine. As long as the drink’s alcohol content is greater than 4%, you can believe it’ll be in my hand for the evening.

2. Drawing a bath

More often than not I am way too busy to enjoy a bath. However, on “me” nights it is a requirement. I’m not sure what it is about a bath, but it instantly drops my heart rate by 20. During my last target run, I nabbed this bubble bath and I am truly impressed with it. The scent is especially calming.

3. Pampering myself

I love to give my face some extra attention on these self-indulgent nights. A few months back I was formally introduced to the Clarins brand and haven’t looked back since. My OG clarin’s favorites are the restorative day cream, the hydra quench lip balm, and the matte pore minimizing serum. Recently their skin care line expanded to include the powerful hydra essential duo – the hydra essentiel cream and the hydra essentiel bi-phase serum. These two have been the most recent additions to my “me” time routine. The weather has been all over the place in Dallas and it’s really taking a toll on my skin. Did you know that sudden changes in temperature and humidity cause the skin’s natural hydration capacity to diminish? Therefore less water is retained and skin becomes dehydrated. Skin looks dull, lacks radiance and feels rough and uncomfortable. Not a fan, no thanks. The hydra duo is my weapon of choice to fight the effects of this unpredictable yo-yo weather.

Clarins Hydra Essential Cream

4. Reading

Reading is such a great escape from reality. I just received Tools of Titans and The Obstacle is the Way in the mail. Eager to dive into them as I have heard nothing but good things. Hoping that the first will help me chip away at my 2017 goals and the latter will help preserve a positive outlook if I should face any hurdles along the way. Anyone read either of these? I’d love to hear your feedback.

5. Lighting a candle

On a very serious note, i am quite the candle connoisseur. I have tried just about every brand of candle you can think of…Bath and Body work’s, Target’s, Jo malone’s, Diptyque’s, etc. But there isn’t a candle that surpasses Nest. Nest truly reigns supreme when it comes to candles. This scent is a godsend and I cannot seem to get enough of it.

And there you have it, my “me” nighttime routine and essentials. It is über relaxing, allows me to unwind and decompress. Sometimes you just have to say “shove-it, reality” and give yourself a fucking mental break. Because you know why? You and I both deserve it.

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