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Gym bag must haves |


Summer is rapidly approaching. Like scary quick. Especially here in Texas. Since we had such a mild winter, my guess is that the pools will be warm enough to enjoy next month. April? Insane. The thought of wearing a bikini out in public in less than thirty days can only mean one thing.

My workout routine is on overdrive.

Almost to the point where I’m seriously considering two-a-days. Lol kidding. That would never happen. But no lie, I have thought about it. Anyways. In order to attain my lofty #bodgoals in this short time frame, I need to ensure that all of my workouts are successful. And in order to have productive workouts, I need to have all the proper tools to get me there. A successful workout starts with a solid gym bag.

Let’s dive into my current gym bag must-haves.


Gym bag must haves |

Athletic shoes– My current favorites are these from creative recreation. V cute and v comfortable. They have held up nicely for a little over a year and will definitely be purchasing my next pair from them when the time comes. I have my eyes on this pair here.

cream and black tennis shoes

Pre-workout– If you haven’t tried pre-workout, you should. My boyfriend introduced me to this pre workout and I have loved the results. Mix the product into 12oz’s of water, drink 15 minutes before your workout and it gives you the energy and focus you need. A great product for when you don’t have the natural energy for a hard workout at the end of the day.

Water bottle– Keeping hydrated is key. I picked up this one the other day and love it. So fance.

Basic Grey water bottle

Gum- I would die without gum during a workout. I’m not sure how people workout without it. Definitely helps me feel hydrated…If that makes sense lol.

iPhone arm band-This one from amazon is only $9. V breathable. I love wearing a band to the gym because it allows me to go from running to lifting with ease. Strap on before you hit the floor and you don’t have to worry about messing with it again.

Gym bag must haves |

Ball cap– often I go to the gym in the morning before work, which means a 4:45 alarm. Woof. I don’t have time for hair or makeup so instead of scaring everyone, I opt to shield my face from the public with this cap. To everyone at my gym: you’re welcome.

Clarins body-fitthis is what I use after my workouts.  This advanced cream-gel formula helps visibly reduce the stubborn cellulite (cute) that just won’t  go away no matter how many stair-climbers I do. My skin is beginning to look firmer and smoother within just a couple of week’s use and I couldn’t be happier with results. Claris always has the best products. #godblessclarins

Gym bag must haves | Dallastyleblog.comGym bag must haves |

Now that I’ve spilled the deets on mine, I’d love to hear some of your gym bag favorites? Like I said, I only have 30 short days… I could use all the help I can get.


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