Makeup Must-haves for a Busy Lifestyle


beauty products for the girl on the go


As someone who holds a 9-5 and moonlights as a blogger and photographer in my spare time, I am constantly on the go (I know, I know. I sound like a broken record). But, perfect example of my chaotic life: last monday-friday I was out of town for a business trip, yesterday shot loads of photos, attended a baby shower and then hit the road for a mini getaway with the boy. With a schedule that never seems slow and a bag that never gets unpacked, I have gradually developed a flawless, quick and reliable beauty routine. All that’s needed? Five flawless products.


Makeup Must-haves for a Busy LifestyleMakeup must haves for a busy lifestyle | Click here to find out what the products are Makeup must haves for a busy lifestyle | Click here to find out what the products are


Instant smooth perfecting base– the saying goes ” start strong, finish strong” and that’s exactly what this product allows us to do- start strong. This base is the perfect kick-starter to my routine. It smoothes away the look of fine lines, pores, and imperfections instantly.

Face contouring palette– I’m a self-proclaimed contouring addict. I have a baby face so I put in a lot of hours highlighting and carving it out. This palette is made for a girl on-the-go because it’s an all-in-one (highlighter, blush, bronzer), allowing you to carry one item instead of three. Talk about space saver.

Supra mascara– this mascara delivers serious volume and intense color. I kid you not, every time I apply I look like i just woke up from the best sleep of my life. A great secret weapon for those of us who actually probably clock 6 or less hours of sleep.

Instant light brush-on perfector– this brush provides a beautiful, natural glow with one quick swipe. All the magice of radiance in one brush. 

Lip perfector– provides the perfect pout in a natural everyday shade. 

This routine is super simple, great for travel, and covers all your bases. Best part? Takes less than ten minutes to complete. Without a doubt, I will be relying on these products to get me through this whirlwind trip to Austin. All of my time needs to be dedicated to exploring the city and spending time with the boo- definitely no time for being in front of a mirror for ten+ minutes. We have places and people to see. Anyways, be sure to check back later this week for a full recap of our weekend getaway. In the meantime keep us here.