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Not going to lie. I feel like I could really kick some ass in this ensemble. Less the heels of course. It may be best to substitute those with a fresh pair of Nike’s. These would do the trick. Oh yes, most definitely. Boxing gloves? Those seem fitting for the look too. Let’s go ahead and throw those in there while we are at it, shall we? Only kidding…kind of. Moving along! Have any of you taken a stab at the pajama trend?

This is my first go ’round with it. Must say I’m an immediate fan. Especially when it comes to a silk garment like this top I’m wearing here. Holy goodness. Honestly feels like I’m wearing a luxury item and it’s under $100. Win. Another reason I’m a fan of the trend? It’s hella comfortable. Jackpot.

Although I styled my longline pajama blazer to be a little more Million Dollar Baby here, I think she would pair nicely with a jeweled statement necklace, a beautiful pair of tailored bottoms, and some pumps to top it all off. I can just see it now. Hashtag so fancy. Maybe another post with the top soon? As always, thank you for stopping by. I hope you all have a lovely weekend Xx

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