Khaki Wide Leg Jumpsuit

Wide Leg Jumpsuit with Ruffle Detailing
I wasn’t kidding when I said one and done pieces are my go-to pieces during the summer.

The mood this time of year is care-free, and that’s exactly how I want my outfits to be.

Also, having these no-brainer outfits on deck really help with the whiplash from the never-ending, last minute invites to baby showers, graduation parties, birthday’s, and bbq’s. Anyone else in this position? Grabbing one item to create an entire outfit for these¬†eleventh-hour requests really takes the stress level down a few notches.

When I stock up on rompers, jumpsuits, and dresses I look for those that have exceptional detailing. I think small details can really impact an outfit and take it to the next level.

Wide Leg Jumpsuit with Open Back Details

The ruffle detailing and the open tie back are what sold me on this khaki wide leg jumpsuit. The combination of the two gives the linen suit some much-needed texture and life.

Linen Wide Leg Jumpsuit

I will be heading to one of my best friend’s baby showers tomorrow and I’m thinking this will be the perfect piece for the occasion. Then again, I received this number in the mail yesterday and she’s just as tempting.

Decisions, decisions.

Enjoy your weekend, friends.