How to shop opening price point retailers

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Listen. Throughout college I worked at all of the best opening price point retailers- think Forever 21, DSW, H&M. Weekend drinks were typically paid for thanks to the aggressive  “frat daddy’s” at the bars, but mama still had to pay for her weekend wardrobe somehow. Therefore, clocking hours at the local mall was a must. Not only did I get a sweet discount on my bodycon dresses (a whopping 10%, why fucking bother?), but I was also able to shop the new receipts first. A college girl’s dream come true. Anyways, I desperately needed my $40 paycheck to go far and I kept getting frustrated at the fact that I was ultimately throwing my money away on these “bargain” products. I mean, raise your hand if you’ve bought something at one of these places to only have it last one or two wears? True defeat. Fortunately, after some time, I learned to shop smart and I was no longer getting burned on my stacks of paper (albeit minuscule). 

So. With more and more shopping being done online, the task to find a quality product at an online opening price point retailer gets even trickier. No touching, feeling, or trying on. A literal crap shoot. Since the lace top I’m wearing in today’s post (which btw, don’t you love?) is from the polarizing OPP retailer Sheinside, I thought now would be  the perfect time to share my bag of tricks to tackling this risky task. Who would like to shop scathe free?

Class is now in session.

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Read customer reviews – This is painfully obvious. So let’s move on. 

Pay attention to fabric content– Ideally, you would want the fabric to be mostly natural fibers (cotton, wool, angora, etc.), rather than synthetic (polyester, rayon, viscose, etc.). There is a big drop in quality when you drop below 80% natural fiber. Fabric with mostly natural fibers and somewhere around 1-5% synthetic fibers will retain it’s shape without getting baggy over time.

Go with oversized items/avoid pieces that should be a tailored fit– Let’s be honest. The retails are low because the quality of product is low. Therefore, you should not expect anything to fit like a $100+ item. If the item’s intent is to fit in all of the right places, it more than likely won’t. Best example- jeans.

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Jackets and coats are always a safe bet– I’m not sure why but I have never had a problem with the quality of jackets and coats at OPP retailers. It’s like their unicorn product or something.

Look at customer images– so many online retailers allow those who have purchased their product to submit an image of it after they receive it in the mail. So helpful. This allows you see how the item wears on an actual human being and you can see how others have styled it…Which can sometimes be very comical. Lol. Click here for customer image examples.

I hope this has been of some help. If you have any tips you’ve picked up along the way please share them in the comments section below. 

Off to kick this Monday’s ass now. Ttyl.

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