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Holy shit! How is it mid-November? Is 2017 really around the corner? Yikes. The holiday season is officially upon us. This past weekend kicked off the party onslaught for me, starting with friendsgiving. This point on is a snowball effect. I’m positive you are in the same boat. No? Well, in case you’re like me and every other female, I’m sure you are in dire need of some party outfits and quick.

Well party people, luckily for you, I’ve got your back. God, I’m such a good friend. I thought this jumpsuit was the perfect piece for all the impending festivities without being too in your face Christmas, ya know? Like we don’t need a Santa clause on a sweater to declare the fact that the holidays are here. Just saying. Why look tacky when you can look like a total smokeshow? I just laughed at myself for saying that. But. True.

A plus? This ‘suit can be worn year round. Another plus? The retailer selling it offers 2-day shipping year round for only one payment of $19. Aka my favorite thing ever. More info about it here. You’re welcome.

And in case you’re blind and not the biggest fan of this could shoulder flirt, I have linked several other holiday party pieces for you below. Enjoy.

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