Favorite self-tanner and 3 genius self-tanning hacks

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Everyone knows the self-tanning basics.

Exfoliate prior.

Apply lotion on dry areas (elbows, knees) before application.

And use a mitt for even application.

There are several more but why discuss what we already know? Instead, let’s talk about 3 of my favorite self-tanning hacks (techniques I use on the reg) that aren’t so frequently covered. Why?

  • It’s the time of year for glowing skin.
  • Hemlines are only getting shorter and you need some color on those limbs.
  • Sun damage is not an option. Gross.
  • And because sharing is caring.

With that being said, let’s dive in to perfecting our self-tanning routines, ladies!



3 genius self-tanning hacks

  • Contour face/cheekbones with a small foam brush- Just as you would with your makeup (cheekbones, hairline, etc.), contour your face with self-tanner. Instead of using your fan brush use a small foam brush. It is perfect for the job and you can pick one up on your next trip to home depot or whatever home improvement store you frequent. We want to contour the face because the sun does not hit it evenly. This technique will make it look as natural as possible. BTW this is the self-tanner is use for my face.
  • Assemble a faux mitt stick to reach your backside- Live alone? No one to assist with those hard to reach areas? You can assemble a faux mitt stick to reach trouble spots with three things you probably already own- a loofah brush, a tanning mitt, and a rubber band. #macgyver. Thank me later.
  • Talc-free baby powder is your friend-Brush baby powder over areas like your armpits, under your neck, and the back of your knees to prevent color build up in these spots. Doing so prevents those adorable tan creases from developing.

And there you have it- good ones right?

Favorite self-tanner and 3 genius self-tanning hacksOk but guess what? All of these hacks don’t mean ISH if you don’t start with a good base. The self-tanner you chose is key.

Favorite self-tanner and 3 genius self-tanning hacks

And friends, I have found the self-tanner. Tanceuticals wins. (Selftanning.com even says so)

straw hat knot front bikini topFavorite self-tanner and 3 genius self-tanning hacks

I have tried many a self-tanner before and Tanceuticals is by far my favorite. This stuff goes on smooth, looks insanely natural and has some serious staying power. I use the body and face kit in shade light. Using light allows me to build my tan in the areas I need and delivers a subtle glow in areas that don’t need all that much.

To maintain my glow I apply about once every three days. A quick rub-down after my shower, just as I would with lotion.

This faux glow with the above techniques have me ready for a pool day/lake trip/vacation ASAP.

Who would like to invite me to their sunny summer plans?!

I’m a great third wheel.