Fabric Mini City Bag



Friends! How was your weekend? Mine was hectic, but what else is new? Also, just because I know you care, I spent six hours at the hair salon on Saturday. How cool is that? Oh well, definitely worth it. Hoping your weekend was a bit more enjoyable than mine…


I stalked this gorgeous fabric handbag online for roughly three weeks. Every couple of days I would check back to see if the store nearest me received any inventory- no such luck. I began to panic. I thought if I waited any longer she’d sell out.

Desperate times call for desperate measures. But not fucking really. I finally pulled the trigger, bought the SOB, and had it shipped to my local store before it was too late. Last week she arrived and damn, is she not stunning? Even better in person if you ask me. Also, I know I wore these jeans in my last post but can you blame me for wearing these beauts twice in a row? Nah.

Chat soon Xx

fashion-blogger-dallas velveteen-off-the-shoulder-top zara-fabric-mini-city-bag