Wear Now, Wear Later: Bow Front Shoes

Womens Bow Front Shoes

I am currently committed to establishing a wardrobe built on classics. I’m focusing on investing in well-made t-shirts, great denim, simple shoes, and layered jewels. Timeless staples that I can wear both now and seasons from now. I’ve grown tired of the constant pile-up and purge. It is wasteful, not to mention taxing on the wallet long-term.

I recently received these bow front shoes as gifts, and couldn’t be happier with the additions. They are definitely “wear now, wear later” items, as a classic bow truly never goes out of style. Perfect timing for my new initiative.Read More

Some unsung beauty heroes

Skin RX Lab MadeCera Cream

Hello, hello!

Today’s post is all about beauty.

Specifically, recent discoveries that have become permanent fixtures in my beauty routine. They are too good not to share. You should know by now that I’m not the biggest beauty geek, so when I dedicate a whole post to several products, you better believe they’re good.

And honestly, they are so good that I’m almost mad it took so long to find these life-savers. Better late than never I suppose.

Why do I consider them unsung? I know I’ve never heard anyone sing their praises. I figure they could use some recognition, they definitely deserve it.


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Color Crush

Black crop top ruffle sleeves

I have a problem. I can’t stop gravitating towards the color yellow. Reference here, here, and here. If I were one of those insane Type A people who organized their closet by color (no offense if you are), my yellow pieces would by far outnumber the rest.

I’m not partial to any one shade either, any hue will do just fine; goldenrod, chartreuse, marigold, canary, etc.

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Happy 4th & some sales

white bodysuit with blue stripe ruffle skirt

Happy 4th, friends! I hope you have something fun planned with friends and family to celebrate the holiday. Todd and I are off to adventure around the city, find the best burgers, and watch some fireworks. Linked a handful of 4th of July sales below that I thought were too good not to share.

Have a happy and safe 4th- talk soon!

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5 Australian fashion brands to know

Citrus Yellow Wrap Dress for SummerHas anyone noticed the sudden influx of women’s Australian brands? Or is it just me?

I’m not sure if I’m hyper aware of these labels because I date an Aussie, or if they truly are multiplying by the minute, but it seems everywhere I look I run into another brand from down under. I’m almost certain it’s the latter…

Regardless, it is easy to see why these brands are exploding on the scene- they all emulate cool, effortless beach babe style, and who doesn’t want to look like that? Definitely one of my favorite looks, especially during the summer.

With so many good Aussie brands out there, it’s almost impossible to narrow. Trust me when I say that cutting down to just five was a challenging task. However, when I’m aiming to hit the nail on the head for some playful, coastal looks, I always pay these Aussie labels a visit…

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